Since being established in 2002 Evidant has been a pioneer in aligning Application Performance Management with End-User Productivity requirements.


Evidant's core belief is that the value to the enterprise of Application Performance Management (APM) does not lie in the capabilities of the tool alone, but in the way it is configured to match End-User Productivity requirements. This requires working with both the IT and Business units of an enterprise to form a common metric - and that is what we excel at. We partner with your IT and business units to define, implement, analyze and report on your APM needs.


Evidant will focus your enterprise on aligning application performance with the end-user productivity requirements throughout the organization. As a result IT and business management gain a clear perspective on how and where to allocate resources towards application performance. This establishes measurable productivity gains for end-users, as well as defined and agreeable metrics for the management teams to use in their decision making process - we call this "Bridging the Communication Gap". Most importantly, the organization experiences higher productivity coupled with efficient and effective decisions, creating a more competitive business and higher profits.


Evidant assists you in getting the most out of your monitoring tools, and allows you to focus on your core competencies. And if you don't yet have the tools you needs we offer services to assist you through that process. Our MetricsOne managed service works with your own teams on the utilization of metrics, analysis and reporting. What the tool vendors promise, Evidant delivers.


We offer specialized expertise in the Financial/Banking, Healthcare and Insurance industries.