APM Services

Evidant services take your Application Performance Management (APM) efforts to a new level - understanding the impact on end-user productivity.

Implement APM with a Focus on Business Performance Metrics
This does not require a change in performance management tools.
It does require a change in approach, a desire to understand end user needs, and a methodology to define and implement the correct tool configuration. The result is better information to make informed decisions to achieve the organizations goals, and a proven set of metrics for IT and business to communicate with.

Align APM with Business Processes for Better Decision Making
Traditionally when IT deploys APM tools the focus is most often on the their immediate needs or those of the applications group. This approach misses the opportunity to align their metrics and goals with the business processes they are required to support. Today's CIO/CTO understands this new mindset, but lacks the resources to implement it. Evidant has the resources and methodologies to make your APM implementations a success.

Evidant services take you from an underutilized APM toolset to;

  • Better alignment with end user needs.
  • Better communication with end users.
  • Clearer focus on supporting both IT and the business
  • Better decision making data, analysis and reporting.


Contact us to find out more about:

Assessing Your Current APM Toolsets: We assess the current monitoring environment and how closely it reflects end-user experience. We establish where the organization should get to in order to effectively and accurately monitor end-user experience, and develop action plans for how to execute the monitoring strategy. [more about APM Assessments]

Implementing Your Application Performance Management Strategy: Deploy and configure APM tools to create metrics that are accurate, valid and valuable. We utilize both active and passive technology from a host of vendors including, Aternity, IP-Label, Wiley, Compuware, Gomez, HP BAC, IQ Services, and many more. [more about APM Implementations]

Dashboard Reporting for End-User Productivity: Present your APM data in a format that has value for both IT and its business partners. [more about APM Visualizations]

Managed Services Analysis Team: Evidant provides an Application Performance Management Team focused on improving responsive and focused alerting, analysis and reporting enabling our clients to deliver better results than they can achieve on their own. [more about APM Analysis]