Unified Dashboards and Analytics

Evidant provides dashboards tailored to your organizations requirements, not the limits of the tool. This enables effective decision making, pro-active issue prioritization and resolution, and functional collaboration by presenting APM data in a manner that is useful to both IT and business operations.

The core competency and focus of an IT unit is on maintaining the health of their infrastructure, not on configuring fancy reports. As a result organizations typically struggle to present their APM data in a way that management in both IT and the business unit can easily understand and agree upon. Utilizing multiple tools, all with unique reporting outputs, complicates the issue when it comes to presenting the larger picture.

Evidant provides dashboard, reporting and visualization services to help organizations consolidate their APM data and present it in a format that enables efficient and effective decision making.

Evidant's services for delivering valuable reporting include:

  • Identifying the various APM tools source(s) in your organization and work with IT teams who are the toolset 'owners' to develop a process to securely feed relevant data into Evidant's report generator.
  • Validating that the APM metrics currently being collected truly represent the end-user experience.
  • Building relevant dashboards to reflect the impact of application performance within the organization.
  • Train and support your associates to generate valuable reports.


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