Assessment and Evaluation

Implementing Application Performance Management and Metrics

There are two significant occasions where an enterprise finds itself needing assessment services for their APM program.

In the first case it's a new implementation and the resources are not yet in place, or well understood. Organizations often want to implement an APM program, but are not sure where to start or are hesitant to hire and invest in a drawn out discovery, deployment, maintenance and utilization project.

In the second case, the tools are in place but are not providing the insight the project leaders thought they would get.

The Evidant APM Assessment packages offer a low risk way for your organization to define a successful APM program.

Below is a brief description of Evidants' APM Assessment Package:

  1. Evidant will evaluate your current APM infrastructure. Assessing current tools and their configuration, support for maintaining the tools, and how the information is being used.
  2. Evidant will perform a Gap Analysis of your current APM strategy. We work with IT and business operations teams to evaluate the current status, capabilities, and usage of your organization's tools and compare them against APM best practices.
  3. Evidant will generate a custom strategy for your organization's APM requirements. We will determine what business areas and subsequent applications have the most value at risk (VaR) during outages or poor performance, and then provide a plan to prioritize implementation for the highest risk entities.

Evidant's core business is around delivering value to your APM implementation and providing alignment with end user productivity. When aligned, we call this the Business Impact of IT.

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