APM Consulting Services

To make the most of your APM tools Evidant has developed a team to support your needs, delivering ongoing application performance and availability reporting, APM tool configuration and maintenance, and alerting.

As the complexity of IT infrastructures increase, the necessity for monitoring critical applications from the end-user's perspective has become a major priority. With the adoption of end-user metrics being fairly new to most organizations, many are finding themselves without experience in deploying and maintaining these tools or understanding the value of the metrics they provide.

Evidant has over 10 years of experience assessing, implementing, configuring and maximizing the utilization of APM  tools. In addition, our team of analysts help clients configure and deploy monitoring, maintain the accuracy and validity of the metrics, and generate dashboards and analysis reports that help IT organizations focus on high impact issues.

The Evidant MetricsOne team offers the following APM services:

  • Application Performance and Availability Dashboards, Reporting, Analysis
  • Application Performance and Availability Alerting
  • APM tool configuration and maintenance


Their expertise is available to you through a managed services contract. You only pay for what you need. For more information about how you can benefit from MetricsOne APM Team services, please contact our sales department at (949) 609-1494 or Inquiries@Evidant.com.

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