Insight into IT Impact on End User Productivity

The IT and Business Communication Gap

Evidant helps IT and business close the communication gap by translating IT metrics into business performance metrics, such as hours lost as a result of application performance issues and associated potential productivity and opportunity costs.


Evidant provides use case solutions for:

  • Online and Mobile: Get visibility into the TRUE customer experience of your websites and/or native mobile apps. Identify where your application is currently performing, what your customers' expectations are, and how you should approach exceeding those expectations.
  • Business Process Outsourcers (BPO): You've engaged a BPO to run a leaner business model. Evidant services help you implement effective SLA's and manage the BPO relationship. Learn how IT performance is impacting your business partners, whether it's through a dedicated network or over Citrix.
  • Call Centers: Gain greater perspective on how application performance impacts the Customer Service Representatives' ability to assist customers. Evidant configures APM to help executives align their decision making towards meeting SLA's and improving customer satisfaction.
  • Claims Processing: Understand how application performance is impacting the productivity and profitability of the claims organization. Collaborating to drive down Turn-Around-Time per claim, avoiding risk of paying fines.
  • Enrollment Processing: You can spend months gearing up for your open enrollment period. Evidant help you determine whether application performance is enabling maximum output of enrollment operations teams.