Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

Evidant implements APM structured to maintain operational effectiveness from the BPO end user.

When Business Process Outsourcers struggle to meet service levels or achieve target objectives, what often gets blamed is technology (i.e., the target was missed due to poor application performance). The challenge, commonly,  is not that an application is "too slow" but that:

  • End user productivity may be low due to either lack of training or lack of familiarity with the host organization's unique business processes
  • The user's perception of "slow" is incorrect

If SLA's are not being met it can be difficult for organizations to determine whether technology is the cause. The real challenge is separating perception from reality.  Typically, the IT teams of the host organization and the BPO work independently to try and ensure proper service delivery to the BPO operations. This can lead to gaps in communication between the host organization and its BPO partner on whether or not technology is impacting the BPO's ability to complete the amount of work it is contracted to.

Evidant's solutions allow Vendor Relations Managers and/or BPO Executives to:

  • Minimize risk to productivity caused by the IT infrastructure
  • Manage the impact of application availability and performance to meeting service levels or targets.
  • Quantify the impact of application performance on operations - both in terms of;
    • Total time lost due to application issues
    • Business impact in dollars due to applications issues
  • Provide an engagement model to work with IT and business partners about the impact of application availability and performance issues
  • Provide a framework to make infrastructure decisions.


Evidant has worked with BPO's located in the Philippines, India, Argentina, Canada and the USA.


Sample Reports