Customer Contact Centers

Customer Contact Centers are critically dependent on information technology to deliver a positive customer experience while their productivity.

Call center management utilize a variety of reports to monitor critical metrics such as ASA, Service Levels, AHT, etcetera; yet lack an objective measure tying application performance to their business metrics - other than basic up/down availability and subjective comments made by customer care agents.

Through the implementation of Application Performance Management (APM ), aligned with the needs of the call center, Evidant's solutions allow executives to:

  • Minimize risk to productivity caused by the IT infrastructure
  • Understand application availability and performance from the customer care agent's perspective.
  • Quantify the impact application performance - both in terms of
    • Total time lost due to application issues, and
    • Business impact in dollars due to applications issues
  • Provide an engagement model for IT and business partners to work with managing the impact of application availability and performance issues.
  • Provide a framework to make infrastructure decisions.
  • Provide workforce management teams with real-time insight into application performance to enable them to insure service levels are met.


Sample Reports