Online and Mobile

Online and mobile services are critically dependent on application performance to deliver a positive customer experience.

There is little doubt that an online/mobile presence is a key element to retaining and gaining new customers in the B2C market space. Most importantly, how your web or phone application performs defines you in the customer's mind.

The online/mobile end user is also less forgiving when it comes to responsiveness of a website or application. In addition, unlike the desktop web environment where the user has the flexibility of doing something else if a website is slow, on a mobile device, this isn't an option.  The risk for online and mobile executives is around retaining and gaining new customers due to performance.

See White Paper on Mobile Monitoring

Evidant's services allow Online and Mobile Executives to:

  • Understand the Online and Mobile Experience from the customer's perspective.  NOT "is the server up", but can your online and mobile end users reasonably complete key tasks. This is difficult to tell from inside the enterprise structure. Evidant  aligns with multiple online/web APM tools.
  • Establish Online and Mobile Benchmarks that clearly allow both online and mobile teams to communicate clear expectations of application performance.
  • Provide an engagement model to develop metrics and reports reflecting the impact of application performance  and availability and provide a framework to make investment decisions.
  • Provide real-time insight into the online and mobile experience to better enable them to handle customers (e.g., enabling call center managers to see the status of online and mobile platforms and adjust quickly).


Sample Reports